Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary

Gautala wildlife sanctuary is a reserved forest and protected area by Government of Maharashtra. It is well known as Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary or Gautala Abhayaranya. Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary is located 60 km away from the Aurangabad city in Maharashtra. It is situated in the Ajantha and Satmala hill ranges of Sahyadri (Western Ghats). If you are having interest in wild life then it is a good place to visit.

The Wildlife Sanctuary came into existence in 1986 when Government of Maharashtra declared sanctuary on existing reserved forest area.

Totally it covers area of 26,061.19 hectares. In acres, it is 64,399 acres. It has Reserved Forest Areas of 19706 hectares in Aurangabad district and 6355.19 hectares in Jalgaon district. It is situated near to Gautala village, hence known as Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary.